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We are a local section of the American Chemical Society located in the Capital District of New York State, which includes the cities of Albany, Schenectady, Troy, Rensselaer, and Saratoga Springs. Our organization promotes public awareness of chemistry by involvement in outreach programs in our community, and works with students to encourage an interest in the chemical sciences.


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September ENY-ACS Meeting 
We will be having our September meeting virtually on Wednesday, September 16 at 6:00 pm.  Our guest speaker this month is Dr. Robert J. Linhardt, the Ann and Jim Broadbent , Jr. ’59 Senior Constellation Professor of Biocatalysis and Metabolic Engineering, Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.  The titel of Dr. Linhardt’s presentation is “Characterization of glycosaminoglycan and coranavirus (SARS-CoV-2) spike glycoprotein binding interactions”.   Details and the online access link information are available through our events page.

METT Grant Awarded to YCC

THe ENY-ACS Younger Chemists Committee was awarded a Members Engaging Through Technology (METT) grant for full funding of the project “Mastering the Virtual World:  Professional Development by Younger Chemists for Younger Chemists.”  This project was created through a collaboration between the ENY YCC, Virginia YCC, and Philadelphia YCC to provide innovative virtual programming content designed to empower young chemists to succeed in this climate of uncertainty while promoting collaboration, unity and support amongst local sections.  The professional development component includes CV/resume writing, virtual interviewing, and project management.  Soft skills such as communication, networking,and leadership development are addressed through individual workshops.  Wellness is addressed through a stress management workshop, and networking is being facilitated through the “Day in the Life” series, which highlights a different field of chemistry each month.  

The collaboration, branded the Eastern US Younger Chemists Partnership, now includes YCC groups from seven local ACS sections across the eastern US.

The PI’s for the project are
Lori Ana Valentin, Ph.D. (ENY YCC Chair)
Julian Bobb, Ph.D. (Virginia YCC Chair)
Isabella Goodenough (Philadelphia YCC Chair)

National Chemistry Week 2020

This year, the Eastern NY ACS and the New York State Museum will be hosting our National Chemistry Week event as a virtual celebration.  The theme for this year is “Sticking with Chemistry” (the chemistry of glues and adhesives).  The virtual event will begin on Sunday, October 18, 2020.  Please go to our event page to see detailed information on the event and application deadlines.

As in previous NCW Events, the Eastern New York Local Section will sponsor an Illustrated Poem Contest for students in grades K-12. The topic of the poem and illustration must be related to the 2020 theme “Sticking with Chemistry.” No poem may be longer than 40 words. Each poem must be illustrated and on an unlined sheet of paper no larger than 11″ x 14″. Any poem with more than 40 words or larger than 11″ x 14″ will not be considered for the contest. In the interest of safety, all poems must be scanned and submitted to enyacsncw@gmail.com by October 20. If you are unable to scan your poem or have any questions, please email enyacsncw@gmail.com. Prizes will be awarded locally to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in four age categories. All 1st place winners will advance to the ACS National Illustrated Poem Contest.  Details, flyers and forms can be found at our Events page!

Faculty are encouraged to nominate their Ph.D. students for consideration by Friday, Jan, 3,  2020.
Selected speakers will be notified by Wed, January 8, 2020.  We are looking for 3-4 speakers to present.
To nominate a student, the graduate advisor should send the following to the ENY-ACS section e-mail address:
Student’s name
Graduate advisor’s name
Expected date of graduation
Research title and abstract of the work to be presented at the meeting.
The January 2020 meeting will be held at:
Hale House
Union College
Schenectady, NY

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Officers for the Eastern New York Section of the ACS are elected annually in October/November.  Our officers are responsible for the administration of the local section

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Our Councillors serve as the liaisons between the Eastern New York section and the national ACS.  Our Councillors serve a three year term.

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The Eastern New York section of the American Chemical Society has over 900 listed members.